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Certified Conscious Uncoupling Coach
Trained and Certified by Creator, Katherine Woodward Thomas, M.A., MFT

Conscious Uncoupling: A Better Way to Break Up

Are you searching for the meaning behind your breakup so you can move forward with mutual respect, honor and dignity?  Would you like to identify and change the old patterns that may have caused the end of your relationship so that they don't affect your intimate relationships in the future?  Are you looking for a better way to start over?

As a Certified Conscious Uncoupling Coach™, trained and certified by Katherine Woodward Thomas, creator of The Conscious Uncoupling program, I can help.  I have integrated the advanced training of The Conscious Uncoupling Program into my many years of expertise as a Clinical Psychologist to provide specialized coaching, talks and live group facilitation.

The Conscious Uncoupling Program is a powerful tool to help guide you through the end of your relationship.  Based upon the Conscious Uncoupling book written by bestselling author, Katherine Woodward Thomas, M.A., MFT, you will find it highly transformative in helping you end your romantic relationship in honorable, gracious and respectful ways, by providing:
  • A step-by-step road map for how to breakup with minimal damage to all involved
  • A clear guide for creating new and life-affirming agreements and structures beneficial to both of you
  • A blueprint for separations that result in beneficial acts of kindness, big-hearted gestures of generosity and goodness and for the genuine efforts made to do the right thing - for the right reasons

What to expect with Conscious Uncoupling Coaching

Should you decide to engage my coaching services, you will be expected to read Katherine's book and actively engage in the exercises and practices offered therein.  We integrate and synthesize the learning you are experiencing in our coaching sessions, thereby optimizing your opportunity to experience profound breakthroughs and evolution during this time of tender transition and change in your life.

Coaching is not psychotherapy.  Our Conscious Uncoupling coaching conversations are oriented around the future you are wanting to create for yourself after your separation.  We work together as partners to help you create the happy, healthy future you are committed to creating.

While we will certainly deal with trauma recovery in our work together, if you are experiencing severe emotional distress, I encourage you to pursue psychotherapy and/or medical treatment, in addition to our work together. 

If you are already in treatment for a psychological problem, I ask that you inform your therapist that you are participating in The Conscious Uncoupling Program, as it could dramatically alter your current outlook on life.

What is the difference between Coaching
and Psychotherapy?

The International Coach Federation defines coaching as:  "... an ongoing professional relationship that helps people produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses or organizations.  It is aimed at helping clients discover their goals for improvement, define specific goals and strategies for reaching these goals and then enabling the client, through regular counseling, to achieve these goals.  It assumes that "the client is the expert in their own life and work and that he or she is creative, resourceful and whole."

Jerry Aurbach, Director of The College of Executive Coaching states:  "Personal Coaching involves helping generally well-functioning people create and achieve goals, maximize personal development and navigate transitions on the path to realizing their ideal vision for the current and emerging chapters of their lives. Most personal coaching clients are focused on the development of an ideal future self, an ideal career or an improved family life. The coach aids the client through the coaching conversation in developing a coaching agenda, incorporating values clarification, identification of strength and articulation of the client's current life and career purpose.  The coach supports the client’s efforts to engage in lifelong learning, navigate any obstacles, delegate or let go of energy draining situations, honor challenges and celebrate successes."

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